About us

The Diana Tejarat Pishro (DTP) is a new world of Importer and Exporter Company, it understands the importance of change. Through analyzing and evaluating the core competency of the corporation, the company aims to transform into a world class Food and Beverages and to create new business in the market by developing various products which boost our customers’ competitiveness.

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Diana Tejarat Pishro


Mission and Vision

In 2013, DTP has been established as an importer and exporter company in Tehran, capital city of Iran. Experienced and expert executives made expansion of DTP business easy and adoptable to changing environment. Directed its efforts at food and beverage market. As an explorer of market opportunities DTP is here to fill the gaps.
Mission: To provide healthy, high quality and diversified products, aiming to serve the target market via agile international trading.
Vision: To be a leader in food and beverages industry by providing high quality products that exceeds the expectations of our market and to grow and continuously improve as an integrated trading company, committed to satisfy our customers’ needs and motivating our employees.